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Get Off
Title: Get Off
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan/Kai
Warnings: Double Penetration
Word count: 3,436
Summary: Kris and Tao keep having sex while Luhan is still in the room, which makes him really horny. He calls Sehun, who is just about to spend the night with Jongin.
A/N: Wow, I can't believe I finished it. ♥

“Duizang- fuck-“
“Taozi, be quiet. We don’t wanna wake Luhan up.”
“I just-“ Zitao let out his loudest moan yet. “I can’t-“

It was the third night this week.
Luhan got up as soon as the two curled together, drifting to sleep, and sighed as he entered the bathroom.
It wasn’t that bad at first, when they were still sharing a room with Minseok. Sure, it was a lot stuffier, but Zitao had his room all to himself. And for Kris.
It’s not like they didn’t all know what was going on with the two of them; it was more than obvious. And that was cool, and Luhan was genuinely happy for them.
He just didn’t want to hear them moan every night when they thought he was sleeping.
At first, they were splitting their nights in each room, but Minseok started reading books late into the night and practicing his Mandarin, and since Luhan was always the first one to fall asleep, they just stayed in his and Kris’s shared room.
He wandered if Minseok was doing this on purpose, going to sleep late so they wouldn’t have sex while he was there. He kind of hated him for that.
He sighed again and dialled Sehun’s number. He was probably sleeping, but Luhan couldn’t take it anymore.
“Sehunnie.” Luhan couldn’t help the happy squeal escaping his mouth. “Are you alone?”
“No.” Sehun’s voice was trembling with awkwardness, and Luhan’s heart dropped.
“Oh.” He chuckled and let out the question he didn’t want to be answered. “Are you with Jongin?”
It took Sehun a long time to answer, but it was the time that took Luhan to already guess. “Yes…”
Luhan let out the breath he’s been holding. Okay, so this isn’t really how he’d expect his phone-sex to be like.
Before they parted into EXO-K and EXO-M, they had to agree on a plan that would help them not to lose their minds while they were apart. They agreed on an open-relationship; whenever they had to be apart for longer than a week, they’re allowed to have sex with someone else. Sehun, naturally, chose Jongin as his back up, and Luhan couldn’t blame him. He, on the other hand, just really didn’t find anyone else all that attractive (aside for Minseok, but he was respectful enough not to try anything knowing about Jongdae’s feelings, even if Minseok himself didn’t know).
“I’m sorry.” Sehun mumbled eventually.
“Don’t be.” Luhan thought about it for a moment, and really hated himself for saying what he was about to say, but he couldn’t help it. “Wait a moment, I’ll Skype you.” He hung up and set up a video chat on his laptop (which he took in case Sehun didn’t answer his call) instead. He mentally cursed himself for doing this, but the hardness in his pants was too much for him to bear.
“Hyung, what’s going on?” as soon as the camera started, Luhan could see Sehun on the computer chair, Jongin sitting shirtless on the bed behind him, looking flushed and apologetic.
“Fix the camera and microphone on the bed.” He instructed, hoping he could have his show without explaining.
“Uh, what?” Sehun blushed, awkward. “Hyung, is everything alright?”
“Yes, everything’s fine. Just do it, please.”
“Hyung,” Jongin interrupted, smirking at the camera. “What is going on?”
Luhan sighed. “Nothing. It’s just. Well, I just.” He couldn’t bring himself to say anything.
“Hyung…” Sehun mumbled.
Luhan let out a growl. “Kris and Zitao keep having sex in my room when they think I’m asleep. And maybe sometimes I am, but then I wake up to hear their moans and that’s just-“
“Hot.” Luhan blushed completely, biting his lower lip in distress.
Sehun looked rather traumatized, but Jongin giggled. “Luhan-hyung~ Are you hard right now? Hearing Kris hyung and Zitao hyung having sex?”
Luhan didn’t think he could get any redder, but he did. “Jongin-ah, that’s-“
“Well, are you?” Sehun raised his eyebrow.
“Yes, damn it!” Luhan hissed. “It’s why I called, because I wanted to get off listening to you. But since you two were about to do something together, you might as well put on a show for me, so I can get off and go to fucking sleep.”
The two shared a knowing look that Luhan didn’t like, but he ignored that. He couldn’t ignore Jongin’s smirk, though. “Show us.” He commanded, and before Luhan could scold him for being inappropriate and speaking impolitely to his hyung, Sehun nodded and smiled, and Luhan couldn’t help but sigh. He always fell for Sehun’s smile.
“Fine, but please don’t tease me too much, I’m already losing my mind and it’s fucking 3 am here and we have rehearsal tomorrow morning so I have to sleep.” He pushed down his sweat pants and boxers and pointed the camera at his groin. He could hear Jongin squealing, mumbling something like “you never told me how big Luhan’s dick is!”, followed by Sehun’s “why would I talk to you about my boyfriend’s dick?!”
“Guys, please.” Luhan really couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop talking and get on the fucking bed.”
“Oh, I love it when you dirty talk.” Jongin giggled. Luhan wondered why he took it so much easier than Sehun did; maybe Jongin really was a little slut. This thought made him gasp, watching Jongin pulling Sehun onto the bed with brutality he hadn’t expected. He pushed him down, his side turned to the camera. Jongin flicked something in his hand, and Luhan realized he was holding the camera remote, zooming it in on them. He turned to wink at the camera, biting on his lip like he always did, and kneeled before Sehun in an angle Luhan could see the two of them very clearly.
“Hyung-“ Sehun mumbled, still uncomfortable at the situation. He looked down on Jongin with dazed eyes Luhan thought were adorable, and when Jongin pulled his pants down he yelped.
Luhan gulped, cocking his head in wonder. Jongin seemed to have some sort of control over Sehun Luhan didn’t know was possible; usually when they were together, Sehun topped. But Jongin seemed to be practiced at it, and the way he licked his lips in preparation made Luhan shiver.
“Jongin-ah, suck him.” The words came out of his mouth before he realized he had said them, and he blushed.
Jongin turned to look at the camera and winked again, just as if he was doing a freaking photo-shoot. He licked his lips again and pulled Sehun’s boxers down, taking his cock in his delicate hands.
Luhan let out a soft moan, hand automatically going down on his own member.
Jongin’s lips were so full and red, and when he leaned to kiss the tip of Sehun’s dick, Sehun and Luhan moaned together. Jongin’s tongue flicked out on Sehun’s member, licking it slowly.
Luhan growled; he really didn’t have much patience for this. “Don’t tease.” He commanded. “Just suck him off.”
Jongin smirked around Sehun’s cock and complied, taking it all in. his lips curved around it, a little swollen, and Luhan was fascinated by the way they twitched with every movement. He sucked lightly, making Sehun moan softly. His hand tagged on Jongin’s hair and he pulled, forcing himself deeper into Jongin’s throat. Jongin didn’t seem bothered by the gesture, but rather bobbed his head, every now and then sucking him with more and more intensity.
Sehun made the most adorable faces when he came. Luhan always knew that, but it was the first time he has seen it from a viewer’s point of you, rather than Jongin’s. His hand pumped on his own dick, and when Sehun came he couldn’t stop the loud moan escaping his lips. He was so adorable, the way his eyes shut, head thrown back, mouth open in a silent scream.
But more fascinating was the way Jongin took all of his cum, the way his lips were stained by the substance, his tongue running all over them to try and get the most out of it. And that smirk. He looked right at Luhan through the camera, licking his lips oh-so-seductively.
Luhan’s grip tightened around his cock, and he chocked out a moan. “Fuck him.”
“Your wish is my command, hyung.” Jongin’s lips curled up, and before Sehun could recuperate, Jongin was on top of him, pinning him down to the bed.
Luhan had always wondered if Jongin has ever filmed a porn video, or even just filmed himself with one of the many guys he had slept with. But this time the thought crossed his mind stronger than before; Jongin was a camera-whore, the worst and best kind. He knew exactly at what angles to move in a way that the camera would catch him and Sehun both, in a way Luhan could see everything, and anything.
Jongin spread Sehun’s legs, forcing him down, and Sehun turned to look at the camera with dazed glare. He mouthed “hyung”, and Luhan wasn’t sure whether he was calling for him or for Jongin, but he didn’t care. Jongin slicked his fingers with lube Luhan didn’t notice was already on the bed, and inserted one finger. Sehun whimpered, and Luhan squeezed himself harder. He had never seen Sehun like that, never topped him. And it was beautiful, the way Sehun flinched with every movement of Jongin’s finger inside him. His chest moved up and down in small gasps, and his fists clenched the bed sheets. Luhan wondered if he looked like that too, when Sehun entered him, but he didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be so adorable and sexy like Sehun was.
Jongin leaned to kiss Sehun’s neck, sucking it gently, making Sehun whimper as he inserted the second finger. Luhan awed at the way Jongin’s swollen lips moved along Sehun’s neck, making little red marks here and there.
He wasn’t prepared for Jongin to look up at the camera, smirking again as he inserted the third finger. Luhan couldn’t see for sure what he was doing, but he guessed Jongin curled his fingers because Sehun started trembling, and through the bad sound quality he could hear him moan. Luhan pumped himself harder, feeling the rush of blood running from his head straight to his dick.
“Fuck him.” He mumbled, not sure if Jongin even heard it.
But he probably did, because the moment he said it Jongin took a step backwards, taking a package of condoms out of his nightstand. He put one on himself, coating himself with lube. He leaned to kiss Sehun as he entered him, muffling his groan.
Luhan didn’t think he could take it a lot further; Jongin didn’t wait very long before he started thrusting into Sehun, and Luhan thought at the back of his head how many times have they been doing this that Sehun was so used to it. Although he knew he had to be jealous, he couldn’t bring himself to feel anything but longing and lust as he reached his climax. He panted, biting his lips to hush his moans, and although he already got what he needed, he couldn’t stop watching his boyfriend getting fucked by EXO’s little slut.
Jongin was staring right at the camera as he fucked Sehun into the mattress, almost as if teasing him.
Sehun’s moans became louder with every thrust, and when Jongin hit that spot in him he broke, screaming. Luhan felt himself getting hard again, and started pumping again.
Jongin smirked as he saw it, realizing what Luhan did. He bit his lip with the most agonizingly hot glare, and Luhan couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like if Jongin fucked him, what his lips would feel like on his cock.
Sehun’s back arched as he climaxed for the second time, panting oh so sweetly. But Jongin didn’t stop riding him, fucking him hard until he reached his own orgasm. His head was thrown back, knuckles turning white around Sehun’s hips, and he moaned so loud Luhan wondered if any of the other members heard them. They probably did.
Luhan didn’t need a lot more than that to come again, and after a shy “thank you” he finally was able to go to sleep with pleasure, though his mind kept on going over what had just happened.
Luhan couldn’t calm himself when they came back to Korea. Finally he could have a real sex, and no, that blowjob Yixing gave him didn’t really count as sex.
That’s why, as soon as they landed, as soon as they got back to the dorm, Luhan pushed Sehun to the wall, not even bothered by the rest of the members. He saw the weak smile on Jongin’s face as he left for his room, but he couldn’t bring himself to detach his lips from Sehun’s, and he promised himself that once they were done he would get Jongin and give him a proper ‘thank you’.
“Uh, hyung…” Sehun moaned as soon as broke the kiss. “Everyone is staring…”
Luhan smiled and looked around. To be honest, no one was actually looking at them, but he could see why Sehun was awkward. It was the first time they kissed so intensively in front of the other members; though, really, he just couldn’t help it. He waited too long for that.
“Let’s go, then.” Luhan giggled and pulled Sehun towards Jongin’s room.
“Hyung, that’s not my-“
“I know.” Luhan rolled his eyes. He opened the door, startling Jongin who was sitting cross-legged on his bed and reading some fashion magazine. “Hello, Jongin-ah.” Luhan smiled brightly, eyes barely a thin line.
“Hi, hyung.” Jongin mumbled awkwardly, looking at Sehun with wonder. “Don’t you want to go have some, err, private time? You haven’t seen each other in a long time…”
Luhan rolled his eyes again and pulled Jongin off the bed, hugging him tightly. “Why are you like that?” he mumbled to his ear, blinking at him as soon as they broke the hug. “You ran off as soon as I came in.”
Jongin shrugged, running a hand through his hair. He looked so fragile and young when he did it; not at all like the sex machine Luhan saw through the camera a few days ago. “Wasn’t that the arrangement?” he mumbled, blushing. He bit his lower lip as a habit, and Luhan felt his heart flattering a little at the glisten in his eyes. “I only fuck Sehun when you’re not around.”
Luhan didn’t know what to say about that; true, that was what they have agreed on. Naturally, he should be pissed at seeing Jongin; he should want to push him as far as he could away from Sehun and have the Maknae all to himself.
But ever since that night, he kept having dreams about Jongin, about his lips. Some of the dreams included Sehun, but some didn’t.
He told Sehun about those dreams in hushed voice, hoping he wouldn’t get upset, and he really didn’t.
Luhan glanced at Sehun, who nodded, tagging on Luhan’s hand and squeezing it. “Things changed.”
Jongin looked at them with utter confusion, tilting his head and blinking fast. “I’m sorry?”
Luhan couldn’t think of any way of phrasing what he wanted to say, so he just smiled and stepped towards Jongin, pulling him down for a kiss.
Jongin was more than a little surprised, looking at Sehun for explanation. Only when he saw Sehun smile did he let himself return the kiss, parting his lips to let Luhan’s tongue run over them. He moaned softly, faintly tasting Sehun on Luhan’s tongue.
Jongin’s lips were even softer than Luhan had expected. They were worm and plush, and he shivered at Jongin’s touch. He almost forgot Sehun was still there, until he let out a chuckle and the two broke off. Luhan was blushing, but Jongin was smirking again. Oh God, that smirk of his.
Sehun hugged Luhan from the back, pulling Jongin into a kiss of his own so Luhan was squeezed between them. Luhan felt the heat rushing all over his body, going straight to his dick. Jongin’s crotch was rubbing against his oh so tightly, and he could feel Sehun’s hardness pocking at his entrance though both of their pants.
Before any of them could completely process what was going on, they were on Jongin’s bed, shredding clothes off themselves.
Luhan was caught in between the two younger members, Jongin kissing him fiercely while Sehun licked his neck, biting him here and there. He moaned, only half-heartedly fearing Kyungsoo would accidentally walk on them (they didn’t bother locking the door, and it was his room, too).
Everything was a hot mess of limbs, spit and sweat, and Luhan couldn’t tell which hands were Jongin’s and which were Sehun’s, and honestly, he didn’t really mind.
But when a hot pair of lips kissed his member, he knew it had to be Jongin’s, because they were so soft and warm and-
“Oh, fuck.” He moaned as Jongin sucked, throwing his head on Sehun’s shoulder. Sehun caught his lips in a sloppy kiss, muffling his moans as Jongin sucked, hands running along his thighs.
He was so caught up in his pleasure he didn’t realize Sehun inserted his finger into his ass, without any preparation. He yelped, thrusting into Jongin’s mouth in the process.
Sehun snorted. “How many guys have you been with since you left me?” he mumbled against his earlobe. “You’re so tight.”
Luhan trembled with both pleasure and pain. “No one.” He confessed. “Not if you count blowjob-“ he let out another moan when Jongin added his own finger, though his was covered with lube. Thankfully.
“Really?” Sehun mused, pinching Luhan’s nipple while moving his finger inside Luhan’s hole, forcing Jongin to move his along too. “Such a faithful boy…”
Luhan growled, letting out a frustrated moan as Jongin stopped sucking him and inserted another finger. “No… I just… didn’t…” he couldn’t find the words, the Korean mixing with his Mandarin and making blur out random syllables. He closed his eyes, tears forming at the corner of his eyes from the hard friction inside of him. He really wasn’t prepared enough, and while Jongin’s fingers were wet and soft, Sehun’s was hard and dry.
And then the fingers were removed. Luhan sighed in relief, though he knew it only meant bad things.
Jongin was lying back on the bed, smirking at him with invitation. Luhan almost mechanically stood on his knees and stumbled over him, legs spread around him. Sehun held his hips tightly, helping him down on Jongin’s member. Luhan let out a pained cry, unable to keep himself quiet. Jongin was so hard and stiff inside of him, and really he just couldn’t bring himself to relax enough for the pain to go away. Jongin stayed still, letting him adjust, but Sehun wasn’t that patient. One of his hands took Luhan’s member, jerking it, while the other still held his hip, forcing him to move along Jongin’s member. Luhan whimpered, trembling under Sehun’s touch. His butt bounced around Jongin’s cock with wet noises, and when Jongin started to thrust up Luhan broke into a cry of pleasure, Jongin hitting his stop almost immediately. Sehun’s hand pumped him more frantically, leaning to lick his neck again.
Luhan almost got used to the feeling of Jongin inside of him, of Sehun’s hand on his cock, but nothing, nothing had prepared him for the feeling of Sehun entering him next to Jongin.
He screamed, louder than he has ever screamed in his life, and he was almost certain even the fans prowling around their dorms could hear him.
It was so uncomfortable with the two of them in, too stiff and hot and-
“Holy fucking God.” They both thrust into that same spot, and the strike of pleasure was so intense he couldn’t breathe. They thrust again and again, and he was blinded by the hot streaming pleasure.
With Sehun’s hand still pumping him, it didn’t take him long to reach his orgasm with a loud scream, his entire body shaking and shivering with the intensity.
They didn’t stop riding him until they were both done, his body limp from the exhaustion of the orgasm.
Sehun left first, releasing his seed on Jongin’s stomach. Jongin came inside Luhan, back arching and nails digging into Luhan’s hips.
Sehun helped Luhan roll off Jongin, blinking down at him. “Hyung, are you okay? You look dazed.”
Luhan chuckled, nesting his head on Jongin’s chest. “That was, definitely, the best orgasm I have ever had.”

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(>_<) How am I breathing right now!? Good Lawd XD

You don't? :-P
LOL thanks ;-)


Glad you enjoyed? ;-)
But don't die~~ ;;
DP on Luhan is good. I think. (well obviously since I wrote it... O_o)

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i can't
that's too hot

sekaihan ♥

thank you

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Awww thank you ^^
Glad you liked it ^^

Hi this is not me who's commenting, this is only my dead body because my soul has gone to the heaven partying over sekaihan DP.
Thanks to you.
OMG I was just thinking about sekaihan and DP a while ago yes I'm a total pervert, not my fault. XD
And here's your fic asdfkjah.
Thanks for writing ♥

Edited at 2012-07-07 03:59 am (UTC)

I'm sorry if I killed you... please come back!! T_T
Hey, if you're a pervert for thinking it... am I a pervert for writing it? :P (well, yes. yes I am.)
You're very welcome~ I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^^

I......... never......... read........anything as hot as this. I am a pervert for reading this lol but I cant control my feelings for Luhan's sexiness. Also Kai and Sehun of course. I died. This is my soul that Hades hasnt collected yet (lol PJO series im a book nerd lol) I wub Luhan and im so glad you wrote this

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